About Mendeley at Wroclaw Medical University

In 2016–2018 the WMU Library carried out Mendeley Institutional Edition (MIE) project through which Wroclaw Medical University acquired the Mendeley Premium version of Mendeley. It resulted in numerous benefits – the WMU staff and students acquired additional features in Mendeley and the university could use analytical tools, extra services and support from the Mendeley team and Elsevier. The WMU Library subscribed to Mendeley Premium in 2016–2021.

An account of the MIE project has been published in Medical Library Forum journal (in Polish):

ZAWADA, Justyna. Doświadczenia z trzech lat projektu Mendeley Institutional Edition w Bibliotece Głównej Uniwersytetu Medycznego we Wrocławiu [Experiences of the three years of the Mendeley Institutional Edition project at the Wroclaw Medical University Main Library]. Medical Library Forum [online]. 2018 Vol. 11, no. 2, p. 53–64 [accessed 18 January 2022]. DOI 10.34738/mlf.0015. Available here.

The Polish Platform of Medical Research repository holds the results of a survey concerning Mendeley Institutional Edition conducted among the WMU staff and students who use or used Mendeley (the results are in Polish):

ZAWADA, Justyna. Ankieta dotycząca projektu Mendeley Institutional Edition na Uniwersytecie Medycznym we Wrocławiu [Survey on the Mendeley Institutional Edition project at Wroclaw Medical University]. In: Uniwersytet Medyczny im. Piastów Śląskich we Wrocławiu [Internet]. 2021 [accessed 18 January 2022]. Available here.