WMU Library services

Opening hours of the WMU Library (1st and 2nd floor):

Monday – Friday    09:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Saturday 09:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

The WMU Library offers its services to a limited extent. Lifts are excluded from use (this does not apply to persons with disabilities) and access to the library is possible only by stairs. Users using their own materials as well as the library collections on site are asked to leave their outer clothing together with any backpacks, bags, laptop bags, etc. in the cloakroom or lockers. Large backpacks, suitcases, travel bags, etc. will not be accepted into the cloakroom.

Library users are recommended to:

It is forbidden to enter the areas that are separated by tapes (these areas are excluded from use).

Department of Borrowing and Related Services (the library counter and Silent Study Zone on the 1st floor)


tel. 71 784 19 24, 697 773 472

You can collect the ordered books only on the 1st floor at the library counter labeled “LOANS” and when following the general sanitary rules. You can only request loanable items through the WMU Library’s online catalogue. There are a limited number of computer workstations available for the library users. Users are advised to request books from their personal computers or mobile devices. Users are required to collect the requested items within 7 working days. Please, come to the library to collect your books only after receiving an email notification sent to the email address provided at the library account registration. We recommend verifying and updating your email address in your library account by logging in to your account through the online catalogue.  Due to the frequent rejection by mail servers of messages sent automatically from the library system (reminders of the return date, availability of the requested item etc.), we recommend using the addresses in the @umw.edu.pl domain and checking spam boxes.

You can return loans through the book-drop on the ground floor (on the right, behind the cloakroom). Books that do not fit in the opening of the book-drop can be returned by means of the intelligent shelf located on the 1st floor of the library. The loans can also be returned by registered post sent to the WMU Library address at the user’s own expense. You can renew your loans through your library account or by email or phone.

Library account activation is only rendered at the library counter labeled „ACTIVATION OF ACCOUNTS” after preliminary registration through the online catalogue. Library users are advised to use their personal computer or mobile device to register for an account.

Clearance slips are signed at the library counter labeled “CLEARANCE SLIPS”. If your clearance slip was issued by the WMU Library, please have it signed first by other libraries that you have used. The students of other universities in Wrocław whose WMU Library accounts are cleared can send their clearance slips by email to wypozyczalnia@umw.edu.pl. The clearance slips will be printed and signed by the WMU Library staff and the scanned copies of the signed clearance slips will be sent back to the users by email.

The Free Access to Shelves Area remains available on a limited basis for users until further notice. The books from that area that are available for loan can be requested through the library catalogue. They can be collected at the library counter in the Circulation Department (1st floor) after an email confirmation has been sent to the user or with self-checks.

The Silent Study Zone is available to a limited extent. We recommend the use of library resources in the Silent Study Zone in cotton or surgical face masks and to maintain distance from other library users. The number of places has been limited.

Library users are required to put the library items on the designated library trolleys. Please do not put the library items back on the shelves as they first need to be disinfected.

Department of Scientific Information and Bibliography (2nd floor)


tel. 71 784 19 25

The Free Access to Journals Area on the second floor remains closed for the public. The area contains journals published since 2010 and they are handed by the librarian. The journals published before 2010 can be requested through the library catalogue. The journals are only available for on-site use.

The remaining library departments

The remaining library departments offer their services from Monday to Friday during the hours listed below. If you wish to use their services, please contact the chosen section beforehand by email or phone.