How can I register with the Library?

You may register with the Library online. Just complete the registration form available in OPAC catalogue. After submitting the registration form you have 14 days to activate your account. You can do that at the circulation desk on the first floor of the Library at 2-6 Marcinkowskiego St.

What should I do if I forgot my password to my library account?

If you forgot your password, reset your password using the “Forgot your password?” option.

Can students of other Wroclaw universities become members of the Library?

Students of universities participating in Wroclaw inter-university agreement can become members of the Library.

Study rooms

Who can use a study room?

Study rooms can be booked by students and employees of WMU holding a valid student or employee eCard who register at CSA.

How can I book a study room?

Study rooms can be booked here Study rooms. Users are required to accept conditions of use of study rooms. Single session can last up to 3 hours.

How can I prolong my study session?

If you need to prolong your study session, please report to a librarian on duty at the end of the session. Your request will be met depending on the study room’s availability.

What are the conditions of use of the study rooms?

Please do not bring food, drink or bags into the study rooms. The study rooms are part of the Quiet Zone so refrain from talking at high volume. Study room reservations not claimed within 30 minutes of the start time will be cancelled. If you no longer wish to use a study room, cancel your reservation in the booking system. No other person can use the study room on your behalf. Readers can use all library material (except special collections) as well as their own materials and equipment in the study rooms. Users are responsible for all library material issued to them as well as equipment. Users are requested to maintain proper work environment that does not disturb others. Library staff can enter a study room if necessary, also in the absence of users. Upon finishing their work, readers should return all library items issued to them. Both collection items and library equipment should be treated with utmost care. Library staff can inspect reading rooms. Any damages can incur replacement charges. The Library is not responsible for users personal belongings left unattended in the study rooms.

E-courses and workshops


The Library offers e-courses in Scientific Information and Library Information for 3rd year and 1st year students respectively. All the information is available on the Library’s website under the tab students.


The Library offers free workshops on various subjects. Search for a workshop that may interest you on the Library’s website or look for information on our facebook.


How to adopt my own ORCID ID

If you wish to adopt your own ORCID ID just visit: https://orcid.org/register to register. For more information, please refer to our site here.


Can I access online resources from a computer outside WMU network?

Yes. Academic staff and students of Wroclaw Medical University can register for access to the Library’s e-resources from home computers. Click here to register as a member of staff or student remote access registration.

How can I request a journal from the storeroom?

If you are a member of the Library, use OPAC catalogue. Non-members can request a journal at the circulation desk on the second floor.

Where will I find full-text articles and online books?

For subject search or to access particular e-journal, e-book or online tool, click the tab E-resources. You will find there databases such as Scopus, Medline or Ebscohost with full-text linking tools. For up-to-date information on diseases and their diagnostic options and treatment recommendations, you may refer to databases such as UpToDate and ClinicalKey. Dentist and dentistry students may find Ebscohost with its Denistry & Oral Sciences Sources particularly useful. IBM Micromedex, Chemical Abstracts on SciFinder or European Pharmacopoeia are especially targeted at pharmacists, chemists and physicians. Students will find textbooks, quick reference tools and learning aids such as case studies on AccessMedicine platform. The Library subscribes to e-journal and e-book collections of publishers such as Nature, Oxford University Press, Springer and many other. Open access literature can be searched in databases, journal collections and repositories.