Who is a visitor status reader?

A visitor is a person who visits the library and can only use the library’s resources on site. For more on the status of readers, see Joining the Library tab.

A reader with a visitor status can:

– use the collections located in the Open Access Areas (books on the 1st floor, journals on the 2nd floor) on site.

– use e-resources on computers located in the library (e.g., articles, online books)

– use the collections located in the library storerooms (books on the 1st floor, journals on the 2nd floor, special collections on the 3rd floor) after prior contact with the librarian

– use the Central Printing System to scan documents and send them to their email inbox (after prior contact with a librarian)

– use the OPAC Library Catalogue on any computer in the library without the need to create a library account

A reader with a visitor status can not:

– loan documents

– use the lockers located next to the checkroom (the checkroom is available to everyone, you should leave your outerwear and bag/baggage there)

– bring food and drinks into the library (except for water in a clear bottle)

– use e-resources outside the library area

– connect to wifi available on the library area (eduroam) on their own mobile devices

– Use Central Printing System for purposes other than scanning documents


For those who use the library frequently, we recommend registering a library account with an ‘on-site’ status. This will allow you to order documents on your own for on-site access.


Lending Room (1st floor)

Scientific Information and Library Promotion (2nd floor)

Special Collections (3rd floor)