Test access to BioDigital (until 5.06.2024)

Until 5th of June 2024, you have the opportunity to take advantage of test access to BioDigital.

It is a unique 3D anatomical atlas that shows models of diseases and their treatment in addition to the structures of the human body. By enabling interaction with VR devices, it allows even better understanding of the functioning of individual systems as well as therapeutic issues. Each section is divided into segments that can be hidden or displayed as needed for educational purposes, labels, titles, colors and descriptions can be added or edited suggested by the publisher. It is also possible to display quizzes to test the level of knowledge acquisition regarding each section of the atlas.

The tool can also be used effectively in educating patients and enabling them to better understand therapeutic issues – helping them to better understand therapeutic issues.

In addition to the desktop version, the publisher has added the option to download BioDigital as an app for mobile devices. More information regarding the program can be found in the Quickstart Guide, and a Help Center in case of problems.

Test access to BioDigital