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No-cost publication of 370 articles intended for authors affiliated with institutions participating in the consortium. Up to 26.04.2023, 97 articles have been published from the pool. The program covers all article types except: Additions and Corrections, Expressions of Concern, Retraction, In This Issue, Introducing our Authors. The program allows open publication under a CC-BY license at no charge to authors of a certain number of articles accepted for publication in the current year (note: this is determined by the “Manuscript Acceptance Date” sometimes referred to as “Revised” in articles).

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Elsevier OA

Program A (full funding) publishing a pool of 1,013 articles of all submitted participants, which is offered for articles submitted to the journal in 2023 after they have been accepted for publication. Up to 01.06.2023, 187 articles from the general pool have been published.

Program B publication of an unlimited number of articles at the author’s expense with a discount of 10% (after reviews and after acceptance for publication). The publisher conditionally submitted this opportunity for articles submitted still in 2021.

Acceptance of articles (mainly affiliation checking) is the responsibility of the local administrator.

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Science Advances (IF: 13.6)

The national Science license fee funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education covers the cost of publishing up to 10 articles from Poland per year in the journal Science Advances. The offer is available to correspondence authors affiliated with Polish institutions covered by the Science license who have indicated this affiliation on the title page of the article. The publisher identifies such articles itself, but correspondence authors whose articles have been accepted for publication can additionally contact ICM at to take advantage of the program. In 2021, 2 articles were published under the Open Science publishing program (covering only the journal Science Advances). In 2022, 3 articles were published.


The program allows authors affiliated with Polish academic institutions to publish open-access articles free of charge under CC-BY license, or by special request of the author CC-BY-NC in Springer hybrid journals.

List of journals covered by the program.

Up to 26.04.2023, a new pool of 1,350 articles is available for 2023.

Acceptance of articles (mainly affiliation checking) is the responsibility of the local administrator.

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Swiss open access publishing house. WMU affiliated authors have a 10% discount when publishing. In 2022 alone, they published more than 390 articles in this publishing house. Interesting titles: Antioxidants (IF: 7.0), Cells (IF: 6.0), Nutrients (IF: 5.9), Cancers (5.2).

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