Borrowing books for off-site use

Limits on the number of items you can borrow for off-site use:

*In the period November-June up to 15 titles

Notice: All books marked as “books for short-term loan –  1 month” or “Open Access Zone– short-term loan” can be borrowed for up to 1 month regardless of the user’s status.

Library account

Your library account number will be sent to the email address you gave upon registration. During account activation process, you will receive your personalised login: first name.last name (no capital letters or diacritics). You can use that log in or your account number as login. Password is created during online registration. If you have forgotten your password, use the “Forgotten your password?” option.


Use the Library’s  online catalogue to request books. Search the catalogue, select your book and click the “request” icon to proceed with the order. Chose the site to which the document should be delivered. It will be available at the chosen location within 2 hours. You will be notified by email that the item is ready for collection.

Books marked as “Clinics and Departments of WMU” cannot be borrowed by individual users.

Books shelved in the Library of the Faculty of Pharmacy (Branch No. 1) cannot be requested online. They can be borrowed for on-site-use only. Some books can be borrowed by academic staff of the faculties only.

How to collect requested books

Requested books can be collected at the circulation desk on the first floor of the Library at 2-6 Marcinkowskiego Street. You have 7 days to do that. After this date, books will pass on to other patrons or will be re-shelved and the user’s account will be temporarily blocked (to unblock your account, please call 71 784 19 24 / 697 773 472) . Please be sure to have your student or staff eCard with you (students and staff of WMU) or library card (other users) when collecting books.  

Open Access Zone – borrowing

There are two Open Access Zones in the Library: with books on the first floor and journals on the second floor. The books are arranged in accord with NLM (National Library of Medicine) classification and LCC (Library of Congress) classification. Thus, all the books marked as “Open Access Zone – short-term loan” cannot be borrowed online. You will find them on the shelves in open access areas. You can borrow them using the self-issue machine or ask for help a librarian.

Please note that the books are also marked with red and green colour.

Red means that the book is available for on-site use only and green that the book can be borrowed for up to one month regardless of the reader’s status.

How to renew your books

You can renew your books three times provided that no one reserved them in the meantime. You can do that:

When renewing books online, please remember that you can do it no sooner than 90 days before the date the books are due for return and not after the deadline. Please remember that the term for which you can borrow books depends on your status.

You will get a reminder email 5 days before the loaned book is due for return.


You can return your books using

DVD, CDs can be returned only in the Lending Room.

If you don’t return the books on time, your account will be blocked and every overdue book will incur fines of 1PLN a week.

You will again get reminder emails on the day the loaned books are due. Please check spam folder for  reminder emails. If you wish to change your email address for notifications, you can do it either online or in the Lending Room.

Fines can only be paid by cash.

Lost or damaged books

When you lose or damage a library book you can replace it with a copy of the same title (the same edition of or newer) or with a different book approved by the Librarian in charge of the Lending Room.