Open Access to Shelves and Silent Study Zones

I Floor

Open Access to Shelves Zone

Readers will find here literature published after year 2000 (mostly monographs, textbooks, scripts in the realms of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, chemistry, environmental studies etc.) which they can shelf browse. Most of the books are available for off-site use. A small proportion of them can be borrowed only for one month (books marked with green colour). The books marked with red colour can only be used on site.

Silent Study Zone

All the books  in the Silent Study Zone are available for on-site use only.

The books are arranged in accord with NLM and LCC classification. The books have open access signature markings. In accord with NLM classification, books on etiopathogenesis, diagnosis, pharmacology, treatment, rehabilitation of a given disease are classified together in certain system. For example:

WG – Cardiovascular system

WG 141 Examination, diagnosis of heart diseases

WG 141.5.T6 – Heart tomography

WG 166 – Therapeutics of heart diseases

WG 210 – Heart diseases (general or not elsewhere classified)

WG 310 – Myocardial infarction

Practice of Medicine & General Medicine

W General Medicine. Health Professions

WA Public Health

WB Practice of Medicine

WC Communicable Diseases


WD Disorders of Systemic, Metabolic or Environmental Origin, etc.

WE Musculoskeletal System

WF Respiratory System

WG Cardiovascular System

WH Hemic and Lymphatic Systems

WI Digestive System

WJ Urogenital System

WK Endocrine System

WL Nervous System

Preclinical Sciences

QS Human Anatomy

    QT Physiology

    QU Biochemistry. Cell Biology and Genetics

    QV Pharmacology

    QW Microbiology and Immunology

    QX Parasitology. Disease Vectors

    QY Clinical Laboratory Pathology

    QZ Pathology


WN Radiology. Diagnostic Imaging

WM Psychiatry

WO Surgery

WP Gynecology

WQ Obstetrics

WR Dermatology

WS Pediatrics

WT Geriatrics

WU Dentistry. Oral Surgery

WV Otolaryngology

WW Ophthalmology

WX Hospitals and Other Health Facilities

WY Nursing

WZ History of Medicine. Medical Miscellany

There are three separate areas:

Silent Study Zone

The books are arranged as follows:

II Floor

On the second floor readers will find journals published after 2010. They are arranged alphabetically (according to titles). New issues are displayed in special bookcases. The journals are marked as “ Open Access Zone – Journals” (Strefa Wolnego Dostępu – Czasopisma) in online catalogue. They cannot be requested online. Readers can shelf browse them on site.

Open Access to Shelves Zone, study rooms and silent study zone – conditions of use

When in reading & study areas and study rooms, readers shall:

Journals published before 2010 are stored in the storeroom and have to be requested online. To do that, readers shall log on to their library account, select journal title they want to request, chose year and click “request” (Zamów) icon.  Before sending the order: if you know the article pages, journal issue or journal volume in which the article was published, leave a note about it in special box for notes (Uwagi).

Some journals don’t have inventory numbers. Those journals have to be ordered in traditional way using paper order forms to be found at the circulation desk.

Journals published after 1945 can be collected at the circulation desk on the second floor. Journals with publication date before 1946 will be available for on-site-use only in the Special Collections Reading Room on the third floor.

III floor

On the third floor, in the Special Collections Reading Room, users can browse special collections such as old prints, manuscripts, medals, bookplates, doctoral dissertations as well as books and journals published before 1945 (on site only).